Best Solid Oak Flooring – Here Are Your Options

Norske Oak Manning Main Image-800x800Oak is arguably among the most well-known options of timber species for solid hardwood floors. The option of an entire plethora of stately house and chateaux owners previously, there are loads of bamboo flooring both in the united kingdom and across all of Europe which were set up for centuries. It is because of this that people have confidence whenever they pick an oak floor they’re making an excellent option. But as a result of the extensive option of solid bamboo flooring available on the market nowadays, deciding on the very best solid bamboo flooring for your job may be a difficult call.

In this guide, we wish to assist you make the ideal option, whichever room in your house you’re likely to re-floor. Nevertheless, if you want the human touch to studying a blog article — of course we are here for you and we would really like to talk you through your choices!


When timber is lumbered it is graded into one of four groups: Prime, Select, Natural or Rustic. Wood is rated in accordance with: the number and size of knots; its own color variation and the amount of sap present. Although you can not normally watch sap, it’s there. Generally speaking, the smaller the knots, the lower the sap material and the more uniform the color, the higher the grade of wood and, obviously the higher the cost. So as you can imagine, the greatest solid oak flooring is often determined by the purchase price, because for many people, their budget is just one of the driving forces behind their choice.


The most effective solid walnut flooring finish will depend to a large extent upon the appearance that you would like to achieve in addition to your real or expected footfall. If you want a highly organic look for your floor, then there’s no getting away from the fact that your very best option is likely to be a brushed and oiled finish. However, when you have large or thick footfall and locate your flooring in need of normal cleaning or subject to intense all-natural light, it might well be that the likes of a UV lacquer is your best alternative. In any event, you know that whichever you choose, one great advantage of solid walnut flooring is that you can resand and refinish it a few times so you can return to looking its best — there aren’t many flooring choices you can say that about!

Board or plank size

Long boards, short boards, thick boards, thin boards. They’re available in solid oak. It may be that you enter your job assuming that you need a certain style of board as your room is big, small, wide or narrow — however if that sounds familiar, consider time and think . Getting creative with wide or long planks in tiny rooms can create stunning visual effects, as will going crazy with unexpected board sizes in large rooms. So don’t just assume that if you have a little room you need to choose brief, narrow boards. You might just surprise yourself if you attempt long, wide boards!

New or old

Vintage anything is hot at the moment and floors is no different. There are two varieties of old or classic when it has to do with anything from jeans to leather goods to floors. One is genuinely old and another is made to appear older. While genuinely older is highly sought after, it is sometimes a hard call to get right and it may mean long waits for precisely what you would like to come together. Hand distressed or hand elderly solid walnut flooring is challenging to recognize as not being genuinely old. So if you are in the search of a really old solid bamboo flooring, do not dismiss the brand new, but designed to look old choices. We believe you may be surprised at how stunningly good looking they really are.

Price, quality and service

As with most things in life, there’ll be solid oak flooring choices you are able to afford and people you can not. The secret of getting the very best option for you is to shop around carefully both on the High Street and online and also to pick a supplier which has a excellent mix of cost, quality and support…plus a fantastic peace-of-mind guarantee.

If you are struggling to recognize the greatest solid walnut flooring for your project, why don’t you get in contact and let us assist you to create the very best choice.

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